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Hi everybody..Khayra has may clothes to let go. Most of them worn at once or twice only, and some are rarely used, but still look new and in good condition. Most of the clothes are branded such as Ralph Lauren, Osh Kosh, Hallmark, Gap, ESPRIT, Poney..and many more. All are authentic items. But not at all that i would like to let go..just part of them. So enjoy..and happy shopping ya!!

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sale item to grab...a limited time offer. HURRY!!

Sale item..check it out now!!
** do SMS me at 016-4947225 for faster booking ya. TQ

1) http://2ndtouchwardrobe.blogspot.com/2010/04/30-authentic-osh-kosh-blue-stripes.html

2) http://2ndtouchwardrobe.blogspot.com/2011/03/150-authentic-esprit-pant.html

3) http://2ndtouchwardrobe.blogspot.com/2011/01/127-gap-tee.html

4) http://2ndtouchwardrobe.blogspot.com/2010/12/120-poney-classic-ruffled-shirt.html

5) http://2ndtouchwardrobe.blogspot.com/2010/06/88-embroidery-osh-kosh-blouse-new-item.html

6) http://2ndtouchwardrobe.blogspot.com/2010/06/authentic-zara-kids-shirt-new-items.html

7) http://2ndtouchwardrobe.blogspot.com/2010/04/28-embroidery-sonoma-ls-blouse.html

8) http://2ndtouchwardrobe.blogspot.com/2011/03/153-looney-tunes-stripes-dress.html

9) http://2ndtouchwardrobe.blogspot.com/2011/01/131-disney-jeans.html

10) http://2ndtouchwardrobe.blogspot.com/2011/01/128-poney-tee.html

The Winner of Gift Away


To all my beloved customer..sorry for late announce of the our gift away winner. My little cutie girl, Cik Khayra already pick up the name..and the winner is....

Congratulation to Najmah..and i will contact you for shipment arrangement. Thank you very much..

to which he did not win, please do not be sad because after this there was another prize up for grabs. I was generous to give the prize to the lucky winners. I was expecting an announcement soon ...so stay tune ya.
thanks :D

Monday, April 4, 2011

162. Authentic Crocs Lily Woman - Booked by Ayumiri

Color: Espresso/Plum
Size: W7 / 9.2 inch
Condition: Excellent..worn a few times
Then i was keep it in my shoes rack till today.
Retail: RM169.00
Price to let go: RM89.00 + Free Poslaju

Booked by Ayumiri

The Crocs Lily flat features: 
* Patent leather trim detail with suede bow on vamp. 
* Dense croslite material outsole for increased traction and durability. 
* croslite material footbed for ergonomic fit and support

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

161. Authentic GAP Girly Turtleneck Icy Pink - NEW

Color: Soft Pink
Size: 5 (small cutting..suitable for 3yr+)
Condition: NEW with tag and GAP plastic..never used
Bought direct from US at gap.com. I bought 2pc for Khayra..at RM57/pc
She's just like the polkadot one..so i decide to let go this.
Retail: USD14.50
Price to let go: RM50.00


(the actual picture will be upload soon)

(this is another piece that Khayra love to wear, 
and for sure i will let go this after wearing a few time)

160. For viewing only - SOLD

 Nuby No-Spill™ Easy Grip Cup
Color: Yellow
Condition: 9.5/10..used a few minute to test Cik Khayra with plain water. 
But she's doesn't like it. So decide to let go. This is BPA free bottle
Retail: RM15.90
Price to let go: RM10.00

SOLD to Iman Damia

159. For viewing only - SOLD

Philips AVENT Airflex Teat 2 hole Slow Flow 1m+ 
Quantity: 2xAVENT Airflex Teat 2 hole (1pair with box)
Condition: Excellent (Never use)
Bought new avent bottle for Cik Khayra..it's include with 2 hole teat.
So decide to let go coz of Cik Khayra is using Teat 4 hole
Retail: RM19.90
Price to let go: RM12.00

SOLD to Niza

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

158. Authentic Crocs - Malindi

Color: Gold
Size: W6 / 9 inch
Condition: Very-very Good 9.5/10
Bought at Crocs Boutique. Just worn a few times in Sabah last year. 
Then i was keep it in my shoes rack till today.
Retail: RM129.00
Price to let go: RM69.00 + Free Poslaju


Flats never looked—or felt—so good! Crocs Malindi are ballet slipper-styled slingbacks for women. This slim-fitting, feminine design provides the ultimate comfy ladies’’ shoe. The slingback styling of these casual dress shoes lets your feet breathe while looking good. 

Crocs’’ Malindi give your feet ergonomic support because they are made from Crocs exclusive croslite material. Croslite resin conforms to your foot for a custom fit. The Crocs Malindi footbed features circulation nubs to stimulate blood flow. Who would believe that these little flats could be so comfortable all day long!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

157. Authentic Ralph Lauren Liam Chino Pant

Size: 4T (Small cutting..suitable for 3yr)
Color: White
Condition: Excellent..look new
Bought from ralphlauren.com at RM199.00 for Hari Raya 2010.
Khayra just worn 2-3 times only.
Price to let go: RM79.00 (My lost is your gain)


Picture from RalphLauren.com
Retail: USD37.50

156. Poney Checkered 3/4 Pant

Size: 2-3Yr (Big cutting)
Color: Green/Yellow
Condition: Excellent.Bought from Poney Boutique at Normal Price RM8+.++ 
for Hari Raya 2010. Khayra just worn twice only. 
Price to let go: RM29.00


Suitable to wear with item 155

155. For viewing only - SOLD

Poney Long Sleeve Stripes Tee
Size: 2-3Yr
Color: Turqoise
Condition: Excellent. Bought from Poney Boutique at Normal Price RM7+.++ 
for Hari Raya 2010. Khayra just worn twice only
Price to let go: RM22.00

SOLD to Najmah

Suitable to wear with item 156

154. Authentic Ralph Lauren Stripes Dress

Size: 4T (Small cutting..suitable for 3Yr)
Color: Blue Black/White
Condition: Excellent..Label snipped. 
Bought at RM159.90 for Hari Raya 2010. Khayra just worn 2-3 times only.
Price to let go: RM69.00


Shoulder: 10 inch
Armpit to armpit: 12 inch
Lenght: 21 inch

Google image
Retail: USD50.00

153. Looney Tunes Stripes Dress

Size: M (Big cutting..suitable for 3yr +)
Color: As above
Condition: Never worn, but i've already wash. My hubby said it's too sexy for Khayra. 
So i've decided to let go.
Price to let go: RM22.00
Now Sale RM17.00


152. Authentic Gap Embroidery Peace Skirt

Size: 5T (Small cutting. Suitable for 3Yr)
Color: Denim
Condition: Excellent. Bought from gap.com at RM1++.++ for Hari Raya 2010. 
Khayra just worn at twice only. 

Price to let go: RM50.00


(this is pictures from gap.com)

151. For viewing only - SOLD

Seed Hooded Knit Tee
Size: 7 (Suitable for 2.5yr above)
Color: As above
Condition: Never worn. Khayra doesn't like the hooded tee. But i've already wash.
Price to let go: RM19.00

SOLD to Niza

150. Authentic Esprit Pant

Size: 86 (Suitable for 2Yr)
Color: Pink
Condition: Very Good 9/10. Worn just a few times
(Bought at Normal Price RM159.90 from ESPRIT Boutique)
Price to let go: RM35.00
Now Sale RM30.00


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

149. For viewing only - SOLD

Authentic Gap Shoes Heart Gem Ballet Flats - NEW
Heart gem ballet flats
Color: admiral red
Size: 9 [16cm / 6" inch]
Retail: $29.50
Price to let go: RM69

This is new item..bought direct from US at www.gap.com i bought at wrong size for Khayra, so decide to let go at cheaper price..hurry


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

148. Authentic RALPH LAUREN Girl Augustina Oxford Dress

(Google Picture)

Size: 5T (Small Cutting..suitable for 3T above)
Color: Off White
Condition: Excellent. (Khayra just worn 3 times. 1st on Aidilfitri 2010, 2nd on her Birthday Celebration at Kindergarten and 3rd on jalan2 for shopping..hahaa)

History: I bought this online trough my closed friend. Order from RalphLauren.com at RM200 over. Honestly to tell u, the same dress in Ralph Lauren Boutique @ Pavillion KL is RM500++. For those who are familiar with Ralph Lauren should know, if you buy a piece of Ralph Lauren Tee at boutique..u have to spend at least RM200 per piece.

Price to let go: RM89.00 (My loss is your gain)


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