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Hi everybody..Khayra has may clothes to let go. Most of them worn at once or twice only, and some are rarely used, but still look new and in good condition. Most of the clothes are branded such as Ralph Lauren, Osh Kosh, Hallmark, Gap, ESPRIT, Poney..and many more. All are authentic items. But not at all that i would like to let go..just part of them. So enjoy..and happy shopping ya!!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

90. - For viewing only - (SOLD)

Poney Shirt
Size: 6-12Mth
Color: Pink
Condition:  Verry Good 9.5/10
Price to Let go: RM9.00
Tracking no: EN 292446450 MY

89. For viewing only - (SOLD)

MIKI Shirt
Size: 18-24Mth
Color: Pink
Condition: 9/10 - Rarely used
Price to let go: RM8.00
Tracking no: EN 292446450 MY

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

88. Embroidery Osh Kosh Blouse (NEW ITEM)

Size: 3T
Color: Off White
Condition: NEW ITEMS. Bought from one of my friend's shop for Khayra. But my husband said, the design is not suitable for Khayra. Khayra's look old than her age. Ahhaaa..so funny. So i decided to let go this item.
Price to let go: RM35.00
Now Sale RM29.00


87. For viewing only - SOLD

Osh Kosh Shirt (NEW ITEM)
Size: 5Yr (Small cutting. Suitable for 2Yr above)
Color: Dark green/Army
Condition: NEW ITEMS. Bought 3pc from one blog. 2pc for Khayra, and one for my niece..Alya. But this color not suitable for Khayra. I want to let go this items
Price to let go: RM17.00

86. Authentic ZARA KIDS Shirt (NEW ITEMS)


Size: 2-3 Yr (Long Sleeve)
Color: Grey
Condition: NEW ITEMS. I bought 2pc. One for Khayra and one for my niece, Alya. But the grey color is not suitable for Khayra's skin. So I want to let go this items.
Price to let go: RM29.00
Now Sale RM25.00


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